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The summer holiday is here again, and if you are like me, who used to dread even mid-term breaks you would understand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to death and I love spending time with them, that’s why I chose to be a stay at home mom, but sometimes I need that alone time school provides to work and just chill. So if you have kids and you are wondering what fun summer activities would keep them busy  to avoid the “Mom, I am bored” chant, take a look at this list I have compiled and I hope you would find tons of fun summer activities that your kids would love so as to minimise TV time also.

  1. Go to a fun/theme park:

This is a no-brainer right, top-rated for fun summer activities if your city has a park or several, plan to visit each one of them and take all the fun rides, follow the maze, water slides, the whole works and guaranteed the kids would be so tired when they get back.

  1. Read a book:

Give your kids age-appropriate books for them to read, and give them an allotted time frame to finish the book, and also ask them to give you a summary of what they read, lessons learned and characters they found interesting.

Fun summer activities for kids

  1. Visit a Zoo/Museum:

Look for Zoos/museums in your area and schedule days for the kids to visit. A visit to the Zoo would give them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with interesting animals, and you could turn it into an educational visit where they learn about animals, their young ones, what they feed on and what makes each animal distinct. A visit to the museum would also bring them more in touch with their history and they can start learning about the world of art.

  1. Teach them a new sport:

This is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids a new sport or practice really well in a sport they are familiar with. You could do this around the house or you could take them to a sports arena.

  1. Start a garden:

Develop your kid’s green fingers by encouraging them to start a garden, teach them on the importance of gardening and how plants are good for the environment. Even if you don’t have space, they could plant in bags or small flower pots filled with compost. Tell them to always water it and give you progress reports, you would be shocked at how excited and how much they would look forward to the seeds germinating and growing into a full-blown plant.

  1. Take on swimming classes:

Most schools have swimming classes as part of the school program, but you could use this break to really practice and make sure they are really good swimmers before the holiday ends.

  1. Take cooking/ baking classes:

What better time to unleash the chef in your kids than now. They could start a cooking or baking class where you teach them simple recipes they could easily prepare. But be careful with fire and sharp kitchen utensils.

Fun summer activities for kids

  1. Register the kids for a vacation bible school:

       There should be one taking place in your church or city. It is a good option to do this as it teaches them great lessons that are used throughout their lifetime.

  1. Organise a picnic:

Bring out your picnic baskets and blankets and have lunch outside, get the kids involved in the planning and execution of the picnic and the games you would play outdoors

  1. Involve your kids in charitable activities:

You could have them volunteer at any charity organization of your choice, they could visit the orphanage or children hospital to spend some time with the kids there and beforehand you could have them involved in making gifts for the children.

  1. Have them write and act out a play:

It doesn’t have to be so serious, make the kids think of a nice, fun play to act out, give them a few weeks or days to rehearse and work with them to create costumes for their “big day”, prepare popcorn, and nice snacks so you can have a nice family night in.

  1. Teach them a foreign language:

       Summer vacation is perfect for teaching your kids a foreign language, it could be French, Spanish, German or whatever language you would love them to speak. Get audiovisual materials, and various learning aids to help them along. You would be shocked at how soon they start speaking words and phrases in the said language.

  1. Visit the beach:

      These counts for great fun summer activities, if there is a beach in your city, take them there to spend the day and teach them to build lovely sand castles, these would keep them occupied for many hours.

  1. Make a scrapbook: Teach the kids to make a scrapbook, it could contain all the fun activities they were up to during summer or you could make it like a vision board book where they cut out pictures of what they want to achieve and be in future and paste it in their scrapbook. For example, if they want to be a pilot, they could cut a picture of a pilot or an airplane and paste it and if they want to probably learn a musical instrument they could cut and paste said instrument on the book. Then over time they can go back and see what has been achieved.
  1. Build a fort or play tent:

         You can all build a fort or a play tent either with cardboard boxes or blankets

  1. Photography classes/ Project:

        Register the kids for a photography class if there is one in your city and if you have a cheap camera, you can give the kids the camera to carry out a fun photography project, they could either take pictures of nice scenarios, plants, their friends or buildings.


Fun summer activities for kids

  1. Learn a skill:

You could register the kids in a class so they could learn to play a musical instrument, a dance class, an art, and craft class.

  1. House chores:

Get your kids fully involved in age-appropriate house chores this would keep them really busy, then award points or gifts to each child for completing his or her chores.

  1. Art and Craft project:

You could get the kids involved in an art and craft project such as water painting, making puppets or soft toys with old socks and other things.

  1. Camping:

You can go make belief camping in your living room or backyard; set up a makeshift tent, have a little fire if it’s outside or use a microwave indoors to do your cooking, pretend to go hiking, fishing and any activity you can think of to make it fun.


Fun summer activities for kids



  1. I am always looking for new fun activities to do with my kids. I never taught about teaching them a new language. I will start with Spanish today. Thanks for sharing.

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