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Have you ever tried to define your self-worth? Do you know the attributes that make up your self-worth? Let me tell you a little story, a few years ago I was in a park with a Makeup artist (we just met) and we were working on something, she came with her makeup box and you know the amount the total contents could amount to. We walked a little distance from where we kept our stuff and after a while, someone started walking in the direction of our stuff and you know how apprehensive one can be in that situation, hoping this person would not run off with our bags. Then I made a joke and said even if he steals your make up box at least he won’t steal your skill or talent from you and what you have inside of you and she laughed and said he better steal the skill that she would relearn it but he shouldn’t dare touch her products.

What is your self-worth


Years later that conversation still stuck, and brings me to ask this question, do we really know our self-worth? If one day we lose all we have (Not praying for that) we are stripped bare of all material things; everything, those things that are so precious and dear to you, who would you be? Without the money in your account, the flashy cars, the iPhones, the weaves, the Giuseppe Zanotti’s, the Gucci’s in your wardrobe without all those things that validates you. The “gram life, the heavily made-up face, the things that make people call you “Boss”, “Chairman” Who are you? Really, what are you worth?

Your self-worth shouldn’t be measured by

  1. Your appearance
  2. Your net-worth
  3. Your network
  4. Your career/ business

The way you choose to measure your worth affects the kind of life you’ll live.

When you know who you are — and you’re pleased with the person you’ve become — you


‘ll experience a sense of peace through life’s inevitable ups and downs. You’ll believe in yourself regardless of whether you are out of job, in debt, going through a divorce or any bad patch in life.


Instead of chasing things that temporarily boost your self-esteem, measure your self-worth by who you are at your core. Behave according to your values and live a life of purpose.

Who are you at your core? What values do you have? What legacies are you building?

This does not define self-worth




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    I really enjoyed reading your post! Very thoughtful and deep. It reminded me to ask myself those kinds of questions more often to create a life I love to live. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts on this!

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