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Here’s my Wanderlust list of the 10 places I would love to visit and why I think it’s all that. If money wasn’t an issue and my kids, cos traveling with children is a different game altogether, I would love to visit several different cities every year.


When wanderlust comes calling I hope you get to check my list to decide on a city to visit. You could even visit these cities virtually; I love to do that.



Top on my list is Bali, I have watched so many vlogs on Bali and I am so certain that this is one city I would so love to visit. There is no other place like Bali. There is a special vibe, an essence, something authentic that is difficult to describe, which has touched and inspired visitors from all over the world for decades. It has something to do with the Balinese themselves and their warm and welcoming character.


Bali is the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago. Exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops are some of its top attractions. Dining in Bali presents endless choices of local or far-flung cuisine. After sunset, the famous nightspots come to life offering exciting clubbing and packed dance floors. Inland, towering volcanoes and pristine jungles greet you with plenty to see and do. Most can’t stay away from the beach for long, though. Enjoy amazing beach resorts and luxury resorts in any of Bali’s famous areas. These include Kuta, Seminyak, and Jimbaran where most of the great hotels and villas are right on the beach. They’re also home to most of Bali’s exciting surf spots. For tranquil seascapes and sunrises, the eastern beach resorts are your best bets. These include Sanur, Nusa Dua and the remote coast of Candidasa are your best bets. In Bali’s farther and lesser traveled East Bali and northern region, you’ll find some world-class diving spots with calm bays. They’re home to pristine coral gardens teeming with colorful marine biodiversity. The island’s center also offers plenty of reasons that it can be better than the beach. Explore the scenic central highlands of Ubud with its flowing rice fields, valleys, and forested rivers. Yet Ubud’s not only a place for cultural day-trippers. It also offers plenty for adventure-seekers and shopaholics. Picturesque mountain jogging tracks are within a short walk from designer boutique and chic cafe-lined streets. Sightseeing opportunities in Ubud are virtually endless. The town itself is densely dotted with a multitude of ancient temples, palaces, and historical sites.

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My love affair with this island started years ago when my boss told me a captivating story about this beautiful island and since then it has been stamped on my wanderlust list, maybe I should plan a trip on a milestone wedding anniversary to this island.

Mauritius was listed as top 10 countries in “Best to Travel 2018” by Lonely Planet.

Mauritius is made up of stunning beaches, diverse culture and rich cuisine – much is made of this nation’s sedate attractions. And for good reason – they are worth a trip in their own right. Located in the southwest Indian Ocean, Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate that is greatly affected by southeast trade winds. The weather in Mauritius is warm and pleasant throughout the year and water temperatures in the Indian Ocean are also ideal for swimming.


In Mauritius, you can go island hopping, sea karting, dolphin spotting, you could indulge in water sports amongst plenty of other activities.


Mauritius is beautiful all year round, so the best time to visit actually depends on you. If your top priority is pleasant weather, plan your trip between May to December, which is the winter season.


For those who do not mind the heat and want to explore Mauritius minus the crowds and at much cheaper rates, off-season is the best. Temperatures are around 33 degree Celsius from January to April, so remember to carry an umbrella and of course sunscreen. This is a city that should definitely be on your wanderlust list.



Who doesn’t want to visit Greece? I do. So let’s see what this city has to offer to get a spot on my wanderlust list.

Everyone has heard of Mykonos, the most famous island in the Aegean and the most popular destination in Greece, and in the world, for travelers of all types. Satisfy your appetite for luxury and adventure in this cosmopolitan island that provides whatever you desire! It has been attracting well-heeled Athenians and international celebrities like a magnet since 1960.


Voted the top summer holiday destination time and again for good reason: exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels, beautiful people, 5-star service. Mykonos will seduce you. Awash in its iridescent Aegean light, which it shares with neighboring Delos, you will be transformed. Put your finger on its pulse and you’ll fall hopelessly in love.


In Mykonos, you could go on numerous tours like a sailing tour, hiking tour, sailing yacht cruise to Rhenia, and a shore tour, you could also take cooking classes.




This ancient city is a true beauty to behold, immerse yourself in the culture, take in fragrances, try out the spices and just fall in love.


The “Red City” of Marrakech is a magical place, brimming with markets, gardens, palaces, and mosques. Exploring the intimate courtyards and snaking alleyways of the historic Medina can easily eat up a day. Find inner peace at the serene Jardin Majorelle or take in the beauty of one of the city’s historic mosques (taking note that, unless you are Muslim, you are not allowed to enter).


Visiting Marrakesh also provides travelers a rare opportunity to see an ancient city embrace modernity. Here it isn’t uncommon to find 16th-century palaces adorned with Pop Art or sweaty nightclubs pumping out old Moroccan ballads. After hours of haggling in the medina or hobnobbing with the creative community, you’ll realize this mix of old and new is just what you needed — and more dynamic than you expected.




Undoubtedly the most celebrated island in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is French Polynesia’s leading lady. Her beauty is unrivaled and her fame, unwavering. Bora Bora is one of the few places on earth that everyone hopes to witness in their lifetime—and once you see it, you are forever enamored.



More than just a romantic ideal, Bora Bora is a romantic reality. It comes as no surprise that the island is an internationally acclaimed honeymoon destination. Our newlyweds who decide on a Bora Bora honeymoon often feel as though they have escaped to a private oasis tailored entirely to their special moment of marital bliss—and anyone in the midst of planning a wedding can relate to just how enticing that sounds.  The wonderful thing about Bora Bora is that you can be as active or inactive as you wish to be. Should you decide to venture away from the resort, you can visit the main village of Vaitape and shop at the local boutiques or dine at one of Bora Bora’s restaurants including Mai Kai Bora Bora, or the legendary Bloody Mary’s. You can also explore Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu on a guided hike or Jeep Safari tour.


Since water is a way of life on the island, popular lagoon excursions include snorkeling, diving, cruising, fishing, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, Jet Skiing, and of course, shark and ray feeding. You can also take your experience to new heights by parasailing, skydiving, or touring the island by helicopter.


Once seen, Bora Bora is never forgotten. From the day you arrive until the moment you part ways, you will be in awe of how her soaring mountain peaks, turquoise lagoon, and luxuriant overwater bungalows somehow look even more spectacular than the pictures.



There you have it, my wanderlust list of top 5 places I would love to visit. Have you visited any of these cities and what was your experience? Let me know also a city you would love to visit and why you love it.


  1. This cities just got on my list. I looked out for Dubai and didn’t see it on your list. I’m impressed with the cities you have listed here.
    I would also appreciate a top 5 within Nigeria and also a top 5 within Africa.
    Love love your write up.

  2. Bali is at the top of my list too! I fell in love with the idea of going there after reading the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I would also love to go to Thailand and Italy. Reading your post definitely made me want to put some stamps on my passport, that’s for sure!

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